The AI Edge: Building Better Products with AI
(in preparation with Manning Publications)
Integrating AI into digital products
With the explosion of foundational models such as ChatGPT and DALL-E, Artificial Intelligence is becoming widely accessible. However, to successfully integrate AI, product builders must have a good technical understanding of AI, its interactions with user experience, product strategy, commercialization as well as ethical and safety risks. This book aims to equip product managers, UX designers, and startup founders with fundamental knowledge that will allow them to achieve AI excellence.
The book is currently in preparation and will be published by March 2024. On this site, I will be regularly providing updates about my writing progress. The Table of Contents provides a first glimpse into the content. Additionally, the following articles on Medium are inspired by the book:

- Building AI products with a holistic mental model
- Four LLM trends since ChatGPT and their implications for AI builders