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The AI Monitor – your pathway to timely AI insights in a global context

User note: If you don't yet have access to the AI Monitor, please email me with the subject line "AI_INSIGHTS" to receive the access details for the Beta version.


Artificial Intelligence is skyrocketing and penetrating all areas of life and business - it is one of the top areas of technological progress and investment. The AI landscape is changing so rapidly that it is hard to stay up-to-date with all the thrilling developments and even harder to put them into a structured context. While there are many great learning resources out there, we still have to comb through a myriad of websites, posts and articles - but, do you really have the time?

The AI Monitor delivers structured, up-do-date AI knowledge. It allows you to be on top of cutting-edge developments without investing regular hours of web browsing. It not only decomposes AI into its technical components, but also shows how AI is interacting with the world by displaying associations between AI and major world events, other technologies and industries and the ubiquitous theme of sustainability.  

The AI Monitor collects large quantities of online news and articles from the Web. It then uses NLP and a specialised AI ontology to extract relevant categories, aggregate related information and provide you with insights at your desired level of detail. The monitor is intended for business professionals who venture into AI - for example:

•  Executives who implement AI in their organization
•  Project managers in AI, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
•  Business consultants who include AI in their toolkit
•  Technology journalists

The AI Monitor features three large thematic sections - Discover, Sustainability and Global AI. Each section has three cards – an overview, a summary and the original news. In the following, we first describe the three cards and then the three main sections.

Structure of a dashboard page

A dashboard page has three components which we call “cards”. The explanation of each card can be displayed via the info buttons:

Overview card

The overview card on the left side allows navigating between the topics for a given section. Upon selection of a topic, the summary and the news cards will show information focused on this topic. The overview card uses different visualisations for the three thematic sections.

Summary card

The summary card shows some basic information for the selected topic, such as its description, frequency and related topics.
It also shows how the prominence of the topic has been evolving in the recent years. The evolution over time is summarized in the trend score, a score between 0 and 1 that reflects the recent increase in prominence of a topic.


The newsfeed shows relevant news for the selected topic. By clicking on the links, you can access the original documents. The newsfeed allows for a flexible, targeted search in our underlying database. It provides a number of filtering options, such as additional topics, countries and data types. The user can also select between sorting by date or by relevance.

Thematic sections

The AI Monitor features three large thematic sections - Discover, Sustainability and Global AI.

1. Discover

The Discover section shows a graph of associations for a selected topic. The size of the nodes represents their relative frequency in the data. The graph includes a variety of different topic types which are marked by their color. Two major groups of topics can be distinguished:

  • AI topics, such as algorithms, libraries and AI governance topics
  • Contextual topics, which embed AI topics into a broader context and help discover interactions between AI and major global events and developments

To navigate the graph, just click on a specific topic of interest. The graph will regroup it self, making this topic its center node elated topics and displaying the r. You can also zoom in and out as well as re-arrange the nodes by dragging them according to your desired arrangement.

2.  Sustainability & the SDGs

Sustainability is an imperative in any modern business. We use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to structure sustainability efforts in AI. The SDGs are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all". They were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by 2030. Get inspired - click on any of the SDGs to learn how AI is used to make an impact in this specific area of sustainability.

Note: at the moment, our analysis does not include the 17th SDG ("Partnerships on the SDGs").

3.  Global AI

The AI revolution is happening at a global scale – thus, keeping an eye on international developments is key to learning about AI best practices and avoiding or reducing duplicate efforts. The Global AI section allows you to select specific countries and learn about their activities. The countries are classified by their relative income levels according to the World Bank classification. The size of each bubble reflects the prominence (frequency) of the country in the global AI discussion.

Getting involved

In a world of fast change and technological disruption, our vision is to revolutionise research by providing structured, up-to-date knowledge in a global context. We welcome potential partners sharing this vision to get in touch for cooperation opportunities. Furthermore, the AI Monitor is based on a scalable analytics technology and can be easily adapted for other technology domains - please contact us if you would like to use a tailor-made monitor for your unique business challenges!